🚀Complete success in #Greece! We are proud to announce that we have awarded the first #ZKBioCVSecurity technical certifications in Greece to more than 40 companies!

🤝 The event took place on November 24-25, hosted by #Arktech, one of our esteemed distributors in Greece, in honour of their remarkable 20th anniversary. We were proud to be a part of the celebration and contribute to its success thanks to the active participation of our ZKTeco Europe team members, Silvia Barreiro Lopez (Business Development Manager responsible for the Greek market), and Aaron Zhang (Access Control Product Manager at ZKTeco Europe) that presented our latest biometric access control solution, ZKBioCVSecurity.
✨ We are excited to continue working with Arktech and other partners in Greece to promote ZKBioCVSecurity. We believe that this solution has the potential to revolutionize access control and the way that people access buildings. We would like to thank Arktech for hosting the event, and we would also like to thank Silvia and Aaron for their presentations.
💚Go team!